The AGON non-profit organization will hold the 12th International Archaeological Film Festival – AGON 2024.

The Festival screenings will take place at the Greek Film Archive, from 20 to 25 May 2024, and the Awards Ceremony will be held at the Olympia, Municipal Music Theatre “Maria Callas” on Sunday, May 26, 2024.



  • The theme of the Festival is archaeology in the broadest sense of the word: Antiquity; the Middle Ages; folk arts and traditions; industrial archaeology; cultural heritage; the creation of new cultures through migration and multiracialism from antiquity to the present; the recording of a world that is inevitably lost; the present becoming the archaeology of tomorrow.
  • Films of all kinds, such as documentaries, reportage, fiction, animation, research, educational, etc., and of any length, are accepted. All films must be produced from 2019 onwards.
  • Submissions are made online, either by completing the entry form on the Festival’s website ( or through the FilmFreeway platform ( Deadline for submissions: Sunday, December 17, 2023.


Submission requirements when filling in the participation form:

ㅤ Short synopsis in the original language and in English for the Festival catalogue (up to 150 words)

ㅤ A “word for word” screenplay of the film in the original language. Screenplays must include ALL dialogues, interviews, and narration.

ㅤEnglish or French translation of the text. The Festival bears no responsibility for faulty translations of special terms or any other terminology included in the translated text.

ㅤ srt file with English or French subtitles

ㅤ 4 high-definition photos from the film

ㅤ 2 high-definition photos of the film director

ㅤ Short CV and filmography of the director

ㅤ Short trailer for promotional purposes (mp4 file or embed code)

ㅤ Full contact details of the film director, producer and distributor

ㅤ Link to an online screener of the film for the selection process (preferably on Youtube or Vimeo)


ATTENTION: No submission will be accepted unless accompanied by the above complete material.


  • By submitting the entry form, participants certify that they own all copyrights of the film or that they act with the consent of the rights holder.
  • Participants are required to submit contact information for cast and crew. All personal data submitted (name, email, address, telephone number) are collected and stored at the AGON Secretariat for the needs of the Festival. Participants bear full responsibility for the correct submission of their data. By submitting the participation form, participants consent to the processing of the above personal data and the retention of the relevant file.



    • The films participating in the AGON Festival are chosen by a reputable Selection Committee formed by the President of the Festival. The decision of the Selection Committee is final and irrevocable and will be announced by email to the participants by February 5, 2024.
    • The members of the AGON 2024 Selection Committee are the following (in alphabetical order):
      • -ㅤ Dr Anastasia Gadolou, General Director of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, archaeologist
      • -ㅤ Peggy Lagiou, producer
        -ㅤ George Mouzakitis, film director, producer
      • -ㅤ Georgia Salampassi, film director
      • -ㅤ Harry Tzalas, author, historian
      • -ㅤ Zeta Xekalaki, archaeologist, member of the editorial team of the Archaeology and Arts magazine


    • All foreign language films selected by the Committee are translated and subtitled into Greek at the expense of the Festival.
    • The digital projection files of the selected films must be sent to the Festival’s Secretariat via WeTransfer or other similar platforms or as a shared folder link in Google Drive / One Drive.
    • Requirements:
      ㅤ File format: mp4, mov
      ㅤ Encoding: H.264 (min 30000kb/s) or Apple ProRes
      ㅤ Resolution: 1920×1080
      ㅤ Clean copy of the film (no hardcoded subtitles)
      ㅤ Synchronized srt file with English or French subtitles



  • Any film that does not meet the above requirements will not be accepted at the Festival.
  • In case the texts of the narration / dialogues and / or the srt files of the subtitles are not complete or do not comply with the projection file, the film will not be included in the Festival program.


  • The screenings order and program are determined exclusively by the Festival according to the length, type, theme and subject of each film.
  • The Festival does not provide screening fees for the selected films.



  • The AGON International Jury is formed by the Festival President and consists of leading professionals from the fields of archaeology, history, folklore as well as audiovisual media. The members of AGON 2024 International Jury are the following (in alphabetical order):
        • ㅤDimos Avdeliodis, film director (Greece)
        • ㅤMarc Azema, film director, archaeologist, director of the Archaeological Film Festival of Narbonne (France)
        • ㅤTony Coe, film director, producer (UK)
        • ㅤAnna Dalaras, publisher, concert producer (Greece)
        • ㅤDario di Blasi, director of the Archaeological Film Festival of Bacoli (Italy)
        • ㅤNikos Kaltsas, archaeologist, former director of the Museum of Cycladic Art and of the Greek National Archaeological Museum (Greece)
        • ㅤΤhanassis Lalas, journalist (Greece)
        • ㅤLada Laura, director of the International Archaeology Film Festival of Split (Croatia)
        • ㅤDionysis Petroutsopoulos, photographer, cinematographer (Greece)
        • ㅤMemi Spyratou, film director, president of AGON Festival (Greece)
        • ㅤManos Zakharias, film director (Greece)


  • The International Jury will grant the following awards:
  1. Grand Prix
  2. Archaeological Film
  3. Direction
  4. Script
  5. Cinematography
  6. Educational Film
  7. Originality in Conception
  8. Short film

The decision of the Jury is final and irrevocable.

  • The Public Choice Award is awarded to the film that will gather the highest percentage of preference among viewers through voting held during the Festival.



  • The promotional material (photos, texts, trailers, interviews of contributors, etc.) of the selected films will be used by the organizer for the promotion of the Festival.
  • Promotion includes all forms of media, including Internet, TV, radio, press etc.



After the end of each bi-annual AGON FILM FESTIVAL, all the creators (producers, directors etc.) and other parties with legitimate interests in the participating films irrevocably agree to any post-festival, non-commercial screenings, to support the communication of the institution and the bi-annual Festival to the International Community, while hereby conceding to a minimum necessary entry-fee to these screenings, in order to cover exclusively any organization and promotion expenses carried by the AGON FILM FESTIVAL.

  • For further information and questions, interested parties may contact the Festival’s Secretariat at +30 210 3312990 (9:00 – 15:00 local time) and [email protected]



Participation in the 12th International Archaeological Film Festival AGON presupposes full and unconditional acceptance of all unreserved rights and terms of this Regulation.