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Munich’s most beautiful museum- History and restoration of the Glyptothek

Germany, 2021, 77′

Director: Elli Gabriele Kriesch
Production: Glyptothek Munich

Munich and Athens share a historical strong bond. Not only that Bavaria was the home of important archeologists, as well as Leo von Klenze, who was a Philhellene as much as a famous architect for the Bavarian prince and later King Ludwig I.

Ludwig I. instructed von Klenze to plan and build a museum, the Glyptothek, not only for the aristocracy, but also for the Bavarian people. The museum, designed in the Classical Greek – Roman style, opened its gates in 1830, and could be visited free of charge.

In 2018 it was decided that the old museum needed a profound restauration, not only from a technical point of view but also for the architectural ornaments, which got lost during the war. We had the chance to film nearly every activity which changed the museum back to a Greek Temple.

The Glyptothek is a center for people who are interested in ancient Greek and Roman culture, art and history. Here we can, so we hope, immerse again into Greek culture. It is a fascinating possibility to admire art pieces from the 7th century before, up to the 6th century after Christ.