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We present you a travel in the world of art, a travel to which anyone can take part and find himself anywhere where evidences of the cultural level of different populations in different periods, even the most remote ones, can be found. We are suprised to see how man, pushed by an inner need of giving form to his ideas, reached the same logic results through even the most different civilizations. From the palaeolithic period up to the 20th c. A.D., it is possible to any mind, free of prejudice, be it that of a child or of a scientist, to have revealed through art, the secrets of the visible and the invisible world. The imagination of the individual derives from the internal need to understand and classify nature and the material substance. So, many myths, gods and religions were formed, maintaining the same spiritual essence in a cyclic repetition.

Award of the Greek Film Archive

  • Direction: Sergio Poggianella
  • Production: Schrin Kunthalle di Francoforte