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Allegoric documentary on the real landscapes of the Greek ruins, with reference to the island of Makronissos. The ruins are not examined as a historical object, but as a living space, a projection of the desires, memories and the inner world of the person living there. In view of the continius contraction of the world’s wild regions, of their continuus downgrading due to the technological and (eco)touristic consumption of their image, of the birth-decay type of economy due to the new anthropological direction taken by environmental science, the ruins’ landscape offer a pleasant poetic area and the splendour of matter. The film binds together the experience of the exile and life away fron home, the island of Makronissos, but also the hotel rooms (used by city drifters, immigrants and “aliens”) and Passiphili –from Archilochos’ poetry– who accepts “aliens”, from the traces of the antique “banquet” on the classical funerary steles, Hölderlin’ s alienation on the individual and his origins, the lost look of the castaway, the ruins negative message, which triggers the revelation of the negative friendship.

  • Direction: Panos Kouros
  • Production: Ruin Architectures –Eikona