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The purpose of this documentary film, produced on the initiative of the “Paolo Orsi” Archaeological Museum in Syracuse, is to illustrate the site of prehistoric settlement of Pantalica and the archaeological items kept in the Museum, testifying to 5 centuries of the civilization which has taken the name of the “Pantalica Culture”. Because of its geographic position, the site –not far from Syracuse– is an impregnable natural fortress. It was inhabited during the 13th century B.C., when it was the largest settlement in Eastern Sicily and it disappeared with the colonization in the historical era. All that now remains of the prehistoric settlement of Pantalica is the ruin of the anaktoron, the Palace of the prince, which has been compared by the archaeologist Paolo Orsi to some Mycenean constructions.

  • Direction: Giovanna Bongiorno
  • Production: Kronos SRL Palermo