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The construction of a dam on the Euphrates, in Turkey, will cause the destruction of one of the more important cities of the Roman Empire. In July 2000, the ancient city of Zeugma will be submerged under 40 m. of water. A multidisciplinary team of experts in archaeology, epigraphy and ceramics gets under way. A frantic race to beat the clock begins, in an attempt to save the vestiges of many centuries of the history of Mesopotamia. The most spectacular technical means are being put to use. We witness the salvage of a city and the discovery of exceptional finds, such as that of a sumptuous roman villa with exquisite mosaic decorations, before it is engulfed by the waters of the dam. The film follows the archaeologists and their efforts on site while at the same time narrating the history of this emblematic city on the silk route, which was founded by one of the generals of Alexander the Great.