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This documentary was produced to accompany the exhibition on the Terramare villages which flourished during the Bronze Age (between the XVIIth and the XIIth centuries B.C.) in the central Valley of the Po, in Nothern Italy. It comprises three sections.
The first section “A terramare village: Santa Rosa di Poviglio” attempts a hypothetical reconstruction of a terramare village based on excavations carried out at Santa Rosa di Poviglio in the province of Reggio-Emilia.
The second and third sections document through the use of experimental archaeological techniques the principal artisanal activities pursued by terramare craftsmen.
The second section, deals with the production and firing of ceramic pots, and the third section, which will be screened at this festival, deals with metal-working techniques, the smelting of bronze and the manufacture of metal objects.

  • Direction: FABIO VANNINI