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Bloody skin

IRAN, 2021, 18′

Director-Producer: Ebad Adibpour

The Khin poost ceremony is specific to the Lor region of the Zagros. The people of this Iranian tribe have always been farmers and ranchers and changed their lands with summer and winter. Due to the instability and mountainous areas of this land, all the more forgotten by the Government, these people did not come into contact with the development of medical science. Therefore, they were obliged to seek treatment by means of the medicinal plants of their mountains. The elderly of these tribes infiltrated traditional medicine based on plants and treated people through the usage of those plus via ancient rituals. The bloody skin treatment has arisen from the heart of these events, albeit with a spice of superstition, to heal diseases such as jaundice, infection, snakebite and what was incurable among people at that time. With the advancement of medical science in Iran and the migration of people to the cities, these ceremonies have gradually faded. This film portrays one of the traditional therapeutic ceremonies of this region so that we can remember our heritage.