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The gathering of large crowds paying their respects to the icon ΑXΙΟΝ ΕSΤΙ provides the opportunity for a young girl, an adolescent of the year 2000, who wishes to learn about events 1.000 years ago, to “enter” the black hole of time, through a computer’s virtual reality. Moving from one “reality” to the next, she travels from a “conversation” with king David to the city of Kiev to admire the mosaics which glorify Byzantium. By working her way through the icons she learns that “the angels speak Greek” and suddenly “finds herself” in St. Mark’s Square in Venice, where she gazes in admiration at the horses, which once adorned the Hippodrome of Constantinople, and hurries to meet the emperor John Palaiologue on his way to Florence. With similar ease, she “joins” the crowds welcoming Lord Byron at Messolonghi or “visits” the Maiden of Athens on her balcony. Moving back and forth in time, she “sees, hears and learns at first hand” of Greece’s ceaseless voyage through the ages.


  • Direction: MEMI SPYRATOU