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The new excavations at Tarquinia take us back to the roots of etruscan civilization. At Tarquinia, a team from the University of Milan have discovered a sort of palace, which may have belonged to the legendary king of the city, and an ancient sanctuary in the vicinity. The close links with the East, which are reflected not only in architecture but also in the finds related to a cult, are remarkable. This centre also revealed the skeleton of a child who had suffered from epilepsy, the “sacred disease”. Apart from Tarquinia, continuous excavations are also carried out in the industrial zone near Massa Maritima and at Pyrgi, where the sanctuary of the old port was located together with various altars and an important inscription. In the etruscan town of Chiusi there is an interesting underground reservoir, which is well preserved. In addition, the documentary presents the goldsmiths’ technique known as “granulation”.

  • Direction: ELLI KRIESCH