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A short film about the daily routine of a 73 year old Iranian rubberman who by day rubs and bathes the patrons of a Tabriz bath house while at night recites tales from the “Shahnameh” (The Book of Kings), one of the greatest Persian epics, dating from 993 A.D.: …King Goshtasp agrees to cede the throne to his son Isfendiyar, in condition that he will conquer Rostam and bring him to the court as a captive. Isfandiyar leaves Zaboulistan, meets Rostam and insists on fighting against him. Rostam rides Rakhsh, his steed, and guided by Simurgh (a Roc), makes a special arrow with two heads which he shoots at the eyes of Isfendiyar. Isfendiyar dies and Rostam mourns his death. (“Suhnameh”, chapter 17).


  • Direction: MOHAMMAD EHSANI