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The first film of Takis Kanellopoulos, which charmed the audience of the first Thessaloniki Film Festival in 1960. A genuine masterpiece which, in 20 min. reaches the depths of the hellenic soul and succeds in turning a large part of  its living tradition into an eternal patrimony.
The unusual technical perfection of the “Wedding”, which was filmed in twelve days, can be explained up to a point, by Kanellopoulos’ service with Michalis Kakoyiannis at the time he was filming “Stella”, by his friendship and admiration for Nikos Koundouros, and by the experience he acquired from an extended trip abroad.
By wondering through the villages and getting to know their life at first hand, he conceived the idea of the “Wedding”, which is a short film recording the customs and the nature of this most important human rite, as it is still performed in western Macedonia. Kanellopoulos selected Velvendo village, whose inhabitants -especially the wonderful old ladies anf the youths od the “Reform Society”- worked for two months, as his invaluable supporters in planning the films and then became its leading actors.