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In the heart of Taklamakan, an immense cemetery exists in a legendary location. A great mound covered with pillars, this burial ground, contains more than three hundred graves, none of which has ever been scientifically examined. Despite the extreme climatic conditions, a Sino-Japanese team succeeds in cutting through the mystery of “the devil’s city” and discovers that the dead had come from far away to die in what was a veritable Garden of Eden. Sometimes we have to go a long way to solve a mysteries of certain civilizations.
For a long time the kingdom’s existence had been only a myth spread by merchants along the Chinese section of the Silk Route. But at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Swedish explorer Sven Hedin discovered by chance the ruins of the ancient city abandoned under the sands. Considered as the “cradle of Chinese Middle Age civilization”, the city’s ruins have seen tides of adventurers.
With the help of maps drawn by these explorers, Idilisi Abuduresule, Director of the Archaeological Institute of Xing Jiang, hopes to reach the abandoned burial site, the above-mentioned “devil’s city” or “the cemetery of a thousand coffins”.

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