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This fascinating TV documentary describes the thrilling story of Heinrich Schliemann, whose unswerving belief in the accuracy of the Homeric epics brought to light the ruins of Troy and the treasure-filled tombs of the Mycenaean Kings.
But Schliemann was not merely an archaeologist; he was also a brilliant and determinated traveler, businessman and linguist, whose adventures carried him around the world many times over before he could realize his obsessing dream.
Vassilis Maros, in his researches for this film, has proved himself the archaeologist of Schliemann’s life: he has uncovered a fantastic wealth of material, unknown till now, about Schliemann, his travels and his beautiful Greek wife Sofia, who stood by him faithfully in this struggles and his triumph, when at last he had shown a disbelieving world that Homer’s kings and heroes had really existed.

  • Direction: VASSILIS MAROS
  • Production: VASSILIS MAROS