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Kε•ha•’jas – Man of the Land

Greece, 2021, 62′

Director – Producer: Giorgos Komakis

“Kε•ha•’jas – Man of the Land” is an ethnographic documentary filmed in Lemnos, the most lowland of the Aegean islands.
The Lemnian farmer, Kε•ha•’jas – during the oral tradition of the place that gave birth to him – was a momentous and turbulent concept, mostly misunderstood. The documentary, through the narrative word of the Kε•ha•’jas family and their living experience, comes to cover the already existing void of official memory and local history for the existence of the group itself. Memories, oblivions, silences and identities help to illuminate the rural, economic and social history of the island, mostly on a predominantly evolutionary base. The history of the Kε•ha•’jas group is nothing more than a story experienced on the baseline, from subjects who previously had no right to the official or written history and the institutional memory of Lemnos.