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The dream of eternal life

Spain, 2020, 53′

Director: Javier Trueba
Producer: Madrid Scientific Films, TVE

The Djehuty Project discovers and excavates in the Luxor necropolis, ancient Thebes, the first funerary garden of Pharaonic Egypt. This scientific achievement is the backbone of a documentary about the beliefs, rites, art and objects associated with the other world in the country of the Nile four thousand years ago. The exciting archaeological work that brings them back to life serves as a common thread, combining various perspectives — Egyptology, forensic anthropology, paleobotany, geology and other disciplines — to offer a complete vision of the dream of eternal life and, through it, of Interesting aspects of the environment and daily life of the ancient Egyptians. We witness in real time the discovery and recovery of unique pieces, from mummies, trousseaus and amulets to flower garlands, offerings of fruits and seeds, including luxurious sandals and mirrors. And, following in the footsteps of Osiris, king of the dead, we walk the path that led to being reborn in the afterlife and gaining eternal life.