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Villar’s adventures

By 04/06/2015November 8th, 2021No Comments

The first preserved Greek fiction film, is a burles. Ique comedy. The leading actor is Villar, artistic name of Nikos Sfakianakis, famous comedian settled in France in 1914 and influenced by Max Lieder nad Charlie Chaplin. In 1920, Villar came to Athens after producer Dimos Vratsanos’s invitation and together they filmed the comedy “Villar at the women’s baths in Faliron” which met great success. He went back to Paris and he returned to Greece in 1924 to film some more movies in Mac Sennet’s style, which unfortunately are not preserved.
In 1963 Aglaia Mitropoulou, president of the Greek Film Archives, found in the cameraman’sm Joseph Hepp, archive, a great part of the footage of the film “Villar’s adventures”, which was later restored in its today form. Without comparing him with his American and French likes, Villar had an untutored talent and he could have created his own School in Greek burlesque, had it not been for the unfavourable historical circumstances in the 20’s and the miserable Greek movie industry conditions.

  • Direction: JOSEPH HEPP
  • Production: DIMOS VRATSANOS