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Greece, 2021, 4′

Director: Anafi Film Laboratory
Producer: Yorgos Bakalis

This short film is inspired by a superstition called “Antintalo” and it is divided into the fictional visualization of “Antintalo” and the interview with a local 80-year-old lady from Anafi island who explains what “Antintalo” is and how the locals experience it, as well as its history. It is noteworthy that “Antintalo” is a local oral tradition without any bibliography and cannot be found in any written text.

“Antintalo”, which also exists in Santorini with a variation, takes place when a future deceased visits their loved ones through sounds (voices, etc.) or actions (such as the opening a window or a cupboard, by switching lights on or off, or setting an alarm), even through appearing as an apparition. This is an indication that this person is soon to die.

The film was created within the framework of the Anafi Film Laboratory, with funding from SeaChange Greek Islands – The Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation.