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Narbo Martius, the daughter of Rome

France, 2020, 52′

Director: Marc Azéma
Producer: Passé Simple

Narbo Martius, the ancient city of Narbonne, has somewhat been forgotten in our history books. And for good reason! Most of its remains are not visible, unlike the cities of Nîmes or Arles. However, that was the first capital in Gaul, founded by Rome in 118 BC and nicknamed “the daughter of Rome”. This documentary reveals one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire, which was also the second port of Antiquity, after that of Rome.

For 25 years, archaeologists have made a multitude of extraordinary and unprecedented discoveries, which reveal so much wealth to us: piers, monumental canals, shipwrecks, Roman houses and frescoes of the time period, the Capitol, the imperial villa, etc. Thanks to 3D renderings and through the eyes of a young Roman, the director Marc Azéma, we are given the opportunity to discover this Latin capital of the 2nd century AD. An extraordinary and unprecedented journey into the Ancient world, with the voice of the artist Olivia Ruiz.