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Pentadaktylos… so close yet so far

Cyprus, 2017, 70′

Director: Paschalis Papapetrou
Producer: Anadysis Films

Pentadaktylos… so close and yet, since the 1974 Turkish invasion, so far given that we cannot freely visit and enjoy its beauty. This documentary, realized with the help of scientific consultants, undertakes a journey of a familiarization with the mountain range’s unique geological development, its long history, its rich flora, and its insuperably beautiful natural environment.

A journey showcasing the resources openhandedly offered by the mountain range to its people, such as its mineral wealth, its building stones, its water, but also a familiarization with the people who lived with these and were violently driven from their homes, becoming refugees in their own country and who live and breathe with the hope and the desire to once again see a reunified Cyprus.